January 11 - 13, 2019
San Gabriel Community Center
445 E. Morrow Street
Georgetown, TX 78626

Hosts: Shannon Southard, Kim Wandrey, & Brad Johnson

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PLEASE NOTE: Classlist updated 1/6/2019!

Be sure to carefully look over the new class list!

Classlist in PDF and DOCX

OF Halter/Collect. and CM/AR Performance

Regular Division - Traditional & Classic
Mini - LB, SM, Pebbles, Chips

Click for Sunday Classlist (AR and CM Halter/Workmanship and OF Performance)

Breyer/Other Division - 101+
(Limit of 3 per class)
*Hartland - no draft of pony in the Trad/Classic As they do not have a class in either section
**Vintage Deco, Modern Deco, Fantasy, Scene go in their appropriate breed class

OB/OBC 1 - Stock
OB/OBC 2 - Arabian/Part Arabian/NSH
OB/OBC 3 - Gaited/Sport
OB/OBC 4 - Spanish/Mustang
OB/OBC 5 - Pony
OB/OBC 6 - Draft
OB/OBC 7 - Longears/Exotic/Other Pure/Other Part
OB/OBC 8 - Hartland
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Light Section
OB/OBC 9 - Arabian Stallions
OB/OBC 10 - Arab Mares/Geldings
OB/OBC 11 - Half-Arab/NSH/Morab
OB/OBC 12 - Morgans
OB/OBC 13 - Other Light
OB/OBC 14 - Hartland Light Breeds
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Gaited Section
OB/OBC 15 - ASB/Saddlebred
OB/OBC 18 - Other Gaited (Not Spanish)
OB/OBC 19 - Hartland Gaited
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Sport Section
OB/OBC 20 - Thoroughbreds
OB/OBC 21 - Warmbloods
OB/OBC 22 - Coach/Carriage - Hackney Horse, Friesian, Cleveland Bays, Irish Draughts
OB/OBC 23 - Cob/Other Working - Welsh Cob D, Vanners, Tinkers, Gypsy Cobs
OB/OBC 24 - Other Sport -Standardbreds, Akhal Teke, Appy & Paint Sport
OB/OBC 25 - Hartland Sport Breeds
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Spanish Section
OB/OBC 26 - Andalusian
OB/OBC 27 - Lusitano
OB/OBC 28 - Other PURE Spanish/Iberian - Non-Gaited (Azteca, Lippizan, etc.)
OB/OBC 29 - Spanish Gaited (Paso, Peruvian)
OB/OBC 30 - Other Part/Mixed Spanish
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility
Stock Section
OB/OBC 31 - Quarter Horse Stallions
OB/OBC 32 - QH Mares/Geldings
OB/OBC 33 - Paint Stallions
OB/OBC 34 - Paint Mares/Geldings
OB/OBC 35 - Appaloosa Stallions
OB/OBC 36 - Appaloosa Mares/Geldings
OB/OBC 37 - Other Stock Breeds
OB/OBC 38 - Hartland Stock
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Draft Section
OB/OBC 39 - UK Draft Breed
OB/OBC 40 - European Draft Breeds
OB/OBC 41 - American Breeds (Including American Percheron, American Belgian)
OB/OBC 42 - Other Pure/Other Part Draft Breeds
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Pony Section
OB/OBC 43 - UK Ponies All
OB/OBC 44 - European Ponies
OB/OBC 45 - American Ponies & Miniatures
OB/OBC 46 - Other Pure/Other Part Pony Breeds
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Other Section
OB/OBC 47 - Mustang
OB/OBC 48 - Other Pure/Other Part/Whoops Missed It
OB/OBC 49 - Donkey/Mule/Exotic
OB/OBC 50 - Hartland Other Pure/Part
OB/OBC 51 - Unicorn/Pegasus
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

OVERALL Grand Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

*3 Halter entries per person

VLR/TEST/OOAK Breyer/Other Division (Trad/Classic only)
Runs of 100 and under
Limit 3 per class
ALL the BF Glossy Prize models go in this section
VLR/TEST Deco Colors - Vintage and Modern - Show in Breed Class
TR/VLR/TVLRC1 Breyer Foals
TR/VLR/TVLRC2 Breyer Light Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC3 Breyer Gaited Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC4 Breyer Sport Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC5 Breyer Spanish Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC6 Breyer Stock Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC7 Breyer Pony
TR/VLR/TVLRC8 Draft Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC9 Breyer Longears/Exotics
TR/VLR/TVLRC10 Breyer Other PURE Breeds (includes Mustangs)
TR/VLR/TVLRC11 Breyer Other PART Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC11 Hartland Breeds
TR/VLR/TVLRC12 Fantasy/Scene
TR/VLR/TVLRC13 Unicorns/Pegasi

Breyer/Hartland/Other 100 and under Breed/Collectability Championship

Limit of 3 per class
ALL non-mini Stones show in this division

Foals Section
OS/OSC 1 - Solid Color Stock
OS/OSC 2 - Paint Stock
OS/OSC 3 - Appaloosa Stock
OS/OSC 4 - Arabian
OS/OSC 5 - Half Arabian
OS/OSC 6 - All Other Foals Pure/Part
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Light Section
OS/OSC 7 - Arabians Stallions
OS/OSC 8 - Arabians Mare & Geldings
OS/OSC 9 - Part Arabians/NSH Stallions
OS/OSC 10 - Part Arabian/NSH Mares & Geldings
OS/OSC 11 - Morgan
OS/OSC 12 - Other Light Pure/Part
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Gaited & Sport Section
OS/OSC 14 - Coach/Carriage
OS/OSC 16 - Other Gaited Pure/Part Non-Spanish
OS/OSC 17 - Other Sport Pure/Part/AMR WB & Sporthorse
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Spanish & Spanish Gaited Section
OS/OSC 18 - Andalusian/Lusitano
OS/OSC 19 - Other Pure Spanish inc. Lipizzaner
OS/OSC 20 - Spanish Gaited- Peruvian, Paso Fino, Marchador
OS/OSC 21 - Other Pure/Part Spanish & Spanish Gaited
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility
Stock Section
OS/OSC 22 - Quarter Horses
OS/OSC 23 - Paint Horses
OS/OSC 24 - Appaloosas
OS/OSC 25 - Other Pure/Part Stock
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Draft Section
OS/OSC 26 - UK Drafters
OS/OSC 27 - Belgian/Percheron Drafters
OS/OSC 28 - Other European Drafters
OS/OSC 29 - American Drafters
OS/OSC 30 - Other Pure/Part Drafters
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Pony Section
OS/OSC 31 - UK Ponies
OS/OSC 32 - European Ponies
OS/OSC 33 - American
OS/OSC 34 - Other Pure/Other Part Ponies
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

Other Section
OS/OSC 35 - Mustangs
OS/OSC 36 - Other Pure/Other Part (No Draft or Pony)
OS/OSC 37 - Longears/Exotics
OS/OSC 38 - Fantasy/Scene
OS/OSC 39 - Unicorn/Pegasus
Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

OVERALL Grand Champ/Res Halter/Collectibility

The VLR/TEST/OOAK Minis will now be in this Division
OF Mini Breyer

OBM/OBMC1 Light/Gaited Foals
OBM/OBMC2 Stock/Spanish Foals
OBM/OBMC3 Sport Foals
OBM/OBMC4 Draft/Pony/Other Foals
OF Breyer Mini Breed & Collectability Foals Championship

OBM/OBMC5 Arabian Stallion/Geldings
OBM/OBMC6 Arabian Mares
OBM/OBMC7 Part Arab - Morab/NSH
OBM/OBMC8 Morgans
OBM/OBMC9 Other Pure/Part Light
OF Breyer Mini Breed & Collectability Light Breed Championship

OBM/OBMC12 Spanish (Andalusian and Lusitano)
OBM/OBMC13 Spanish Gaited
OBM/OBMC14 Other Pure/Part Gaited & Spanish
OF Breyer Mini Breed & Collectability Spanish/Gaited Championship

OBM/OBMC15 Quarter Horse
OBM/OBMC16 Paint Horse
OBM/OBMC17 Appaloosa
OBM/OBMC18 Other Stock - pure/mixed
OBM/OBMC19 Mustang/Spanish Mustang
OF Breyer Mini Breed & Collectability Stock Championship

OBM/OBMC20 Thoroughbred
OBM/OBMC21 Warmbloods
OBM/OBMC22 Carriage Horses (Cleveland,Friesians, Georgian Grande, etc.)
OBM/OBMC23 Sporthorses (Appy, Pinto, Friesian Cross)
OBM/OBMC24 Other Pure/Part Sporthorses
OF Breyer Mini Breed & Collectability Sport Championship

OBM/OBMC25 UK Drafters
OBM/OBMC26 European Drafters
OBM/OBMC27 American Drafters
OBM/OBMC28 Other Pure/Part Drafters
OF Breyer Mini Breed & Collectability Draft Championship

OBM/OBMC29 UK Pony Breeds
OBM/OBMC30 European Pony Breeds
OBM/OBMC31 American Pony/Miniatures
OBM/OBMC32 Other Pure/Part Pony Breed
OBM/OBMC33 Longear/Exotic Breeds
OBM/OBMC34 Unicorn/Pegasi
OF Breyer Mini Breed & Collectability Pony/Exotic Championship

OF Breed Breyer Grand Championship--SM/LB
OF Collectability Breyer Grand Championship-SM/LB

Peter Stone Chips/Pebbles

ALL the VLR/OOAK/Test Chips are going in with the regular classes as they seem to be like the big boys with so many of them singles, or super small runs!

SM/SMC1 Foals
SM/SMC2 Arabians
SM/SMC3 1/2 Arabians/NSH/Morabs
SM/SMC4 Morgans
SM/SMC5 Gaited
SM/SMC6 Spanish
SM/SMC7 Quarter Horse
SM/SMC8 Paint
SM/SMC9 Appaloosa
SM/SMC10 Other Stock/Mustang
SM/SMC11 Sport
SM/SMC12 UK Draft
SM/SMC13 European Draft
SM/SMC14 AMR/Other Pure/Other Part Draft
SM/SMC15 UK Pony
SM/SMC16 American Pony
SM/SMC17 European/Other Pure/Other Part Pony
SM/SMC18 Longears/Exotics
SM/SMC19 Other Part/Mixed/Whoops/No Draft or Pony
SM/SMC20 Unicorns
SM/SMC21 Pegasi & Other Winged Things
SM/SMC22 Scenes & Other Fantasty

OF Breed Peter Stone Grand Championship-Chips/Pebbles
OF Collectability Peter Stone Grand Championship-Chips/Pebbles

Years - 1995-2005
Class Limit 3
*You DO NOT have to show your Vintage Stones in this division, you may show them in the regular Stone Division, but you must choose only one division to show them in.
OSV/OSVC 1 - Solid Color Stock Foals
OSV/OSVC 2 - Party Colored Stock Foals
OSV/OSVC 3 - Arabians
OSV/OSVC 4 - Half/Part Arabians
OSV/OSVC 5 - Other Light
OSV/OSVC 6 - Gaited
OSV/OSVC 7 - Solid Colored Stock
OSV/OSVC 8 - Party Colored Stock
OSV/OSVC 9 - Sport
OSV/OSVC 10 - Solid Color Standing Draft
OSV/OSVC 11 - Party Colored Standing Draft
OSV/OSVC 12 - Solid Colored Trotting Draft
OSV/OSVC 13 - Party Colored Trotting Draft
OSV/OSVC 14 - Solid Color Pony
OSV/OSVC 15 - Party Colored Pony
OSV/OSVC 16 - Other Pure (example; Spanish, Harness, Carriage)
OSV/OSVC 17 - Other Part (no Draft or Pony)
OSV/OSVC 18 - All Traditional EFC Molds - Whiskers, Sutherland, etc.
OSV/OSVC 19 - All Traditional OOAK/TEST/Prototype Models
OSV/OSVC 20 - All Pebbles RR/SR Models
OSV/OSVC 21 - All Pebbles OOAK/TEST/Protoype
OSV/OSVC 22 - All Chips RR/SR Models
OSV/OSVC 23 - All Chips OOAK/TEST/Protoype

Novice Performance:
N1 Costume (Arabian, Indian, parade, circus, etc.)
N2 English Huntseat Pleasure
N3 Hunter/Jumper (jump & explanation required)
N4 English Trail (obstacle, explanation required)
N5 Saddleseat/Gaited Performance
N6 Western Pleasure
N7 Western Trail (obstacle, explanation required)
N8 Western Games (barrels, poles, etc; exp req)
N9 Other Performance (any activity not listed; explanation required.)
N10 Bareback (bridle required)
N11 Halter Showmanship (correct halter required)
Novice Performance Grand Championship
Youth Halter:
Y12 Arabian Halter Stallions
Y13 Arabian Halter Mares and Geldings
Y14 Thoroughbred Stallion Halter
Y15 Thoroughbred Mare & Gelding Halter
Y16 Quarter Horse Stallion Halter
Y17 Quarter Horse Mare & Gelding Halter
Y18 Morgan
Y19 American Gaited Breeds (ASB, TWH, etc.)
Y20 Warmbloods and Sport Horses
Y21 Spanish Breeds (Paso, Andalusian, etc.)
Y22 Draft Breeds (Clydesdale, Shire, etc.)
Y23 Pony Breeds (Welsh, Shetland, etc.)
Y24 Appaloosa Halter
Y25 Paint Halter
Y26 Mustang Halter
Y27 Other Purebreds not listed above
Y28 Partbreds and Crosses
Y29 Foals and Yearlings *
Y30 Unicorns/Pegasi
Y31 Custom by Entrant
Youth Halter Grand Championship

*Foals/Yearlings may show in Y28 ONLY. Do not enter foals or yearlings in other halter classes.
**Youth and Novice divisions are not NAN-qualifying and do not receive NAN cards.

Other Section
P1 Harness - Games/Dressage/Plowing/Other
P1 Harness - Pleasure Type
P3 Harness - Showring/Fine
P4 Showmanship
P5 Saddleseat
P6 Other Performance - Competition
P7 Other Performance -Scene & Non-Competition
Champion/Reserve Other Performance

Costume Section
P8 Arabian Costume-Showring/Parade
P9 Arabian Costume-Historic/Authentic
P10 Indian/Native American Regalia
P11 Historical Costume
P12 Other Costume
P13 Parade - Lead or Mounted
Champion/Reserve Costume

English Section
P14 English Games
P15 Cross Country
P16 Jumper
P17 Hunter
P18 Trail Arena
P19 Trail Natural
P20 English Pleasure Sport Type
P21 English Pleasure Other Type
P22 Dressage
P23 Other English Performance
Champion/Reserve English Performance

Western Section
P24 Western Games
P25 Roping
P26 Other Stock Work
P27 Reining/Western Riding/Horsemanship
P28 Western Dressage
P29 Other Western Performance
P30 Trail Arena
P31 Trail Natural
P32 Western Pleasure Stock Type
P33 Western Pleasure Other Type
Champion/Reserve Western Performance

* 2 entries per class
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